Objects in the mirror are much closer than they appear

This has actually been quite a full weekend. Actually beyond full, into the realm of overly sated.

It began with The Goran Bregovic concert on Friday night, breakfast with a visiting family member early Saturday morning, a bar mitzvah later in the very same morning, lunch with a dear friend followed by a writing workshop. In the evening, we went to a Gilbert and Sullivan production in which one of our friends was performing in the chorus.

Early this morning, we went apple picking with our two grandchildren and their parents in Champaign, a two and a half hour ride from Chicago. The day was absolutely perfect, the weather clear and warm, the apples tart and crisp, the boys delightfully spirited and enthusiastic. We gathered Gold Rush (my favorite), Blushing Gold (the yellow ones with the red spots), and Winesaps for ourselves, but also to disperse among friends back in the city.

Heading back to Chicago after way too many apples, apple pie, and apple donuts, I was picturing that pile of papers yet to grade. As JB dozed, I accelerated beyond the speed limit to get home as soon as possible. The officer said I was doing 87.

That raised the cost of the apples we bought by about $1.40 / apple (We got 100.).

I’m not sure what the moral is here beyond the fact that I wish weekends were much, much longer. Oh, and, objects in the mirror are much closer than they appear.

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9 Responses to Objects in the mirror are much closer than they appear

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    This could easily have been me. I find that cruise control helps IMMEASURABLY. I set it, depending on conditions, anywhere between 70 and 72 or so; still a ticketable offense, but not so much that I’ve yet been pulled over for speeding…


  2. Sounds like a lovely day, despite the ticket. The apples are so pretty!

  3. Try not to let objects in the mirror ruin the great time you had.

  4. Jerome Bloom says:











  5. isaac says:

    oh no! did you offer him/her an apple??

  6. Marcy says:

    Oh no. I like your headline and your funny way of telling the story. I never rush home to grade papers though!

  7. Yikes! This has never been a problem for me, as most of the time when I have been stopped by cops, it has been because of something non-functional (brake lights, etc.) or falling off my vehicles (license plates). 87 would be a speed those cars could only reach in their dreams. (I do have a better car now, and thank you, cruise control!)

    Hilarious that you broke it down into cost per apple.

  8. I always enjoy your posts, and the photography as well. Those apples! (Sorry about the ticket, but hopefully the family time, and the photo, minimized the damage to the wallet!)

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