All kinds of harvest here…

JB’s retirement has brought all sorts of delicious perks to our relationship, especially the enthusiastically prepared new recipes he has been making for dinner lately. What a treat to come home to some new healthy gourmet creation after an intense day at work. (He also does the laundry!)

Tonight’s repast included a squash soup made from a butternut squash we personally grew in our garden this summer. A nearly 4 lb squash, mind you.

…all kinds of harvest here…

(N.B. My sister made the ceramic bowl that is holding the squash soup above.)

(Photos and dinner by JB)

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4 Responses to All kinds of harvest here…

  1. GM and MH would like JY to send JB over to cook for us!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:










  3. isaac says:

    might have to fly home for this…

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