Don’t want to peak too early

So, I’m talking with CS today, telling him how smart he is, how sensitive he is to the nuances of complex ideas. I continue that he is able to communicate intricacies and observations with facileness and that he is flexible in his thinking and sophisticated in his ability to get between the lines of text. However, I say, he is not pushing himself, not stretching his many gifts; his work is done minimally and quickly, sometimes done carelessly, sometimes not at all. He seems more concerned with his interactions with his friends in class rather than interacting with the material we are exploring. I add that I am especially disappointed because he is not feeding/ growing his many, many talents. I ask him what it would take to light a fire beneath him, what might motivate him to reach his potential.

“Hey Ms. Y.,” he says. “I totally get what you’re saying, but, well, I just don’t want to peak too early.”

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6 Responses to Don’t want to peak too early

  1. beverlydiehl says:

    If the lesson was about learning and applying buzzwords, he’d score an A!

  2. Annie says:

    You got to love that kid. That made me laugh! He will go far.

  3. LOL. Well, you’ve got to love honesty. And clearly he’s smart. 🙂

  4. Jerome Bloom says:





  5. I think there might be more to his answer than meets the eye. Remind me to give you my lecture on “Perfectionism.” I used to deliver it many years ago to the students in my Gifted and Talented Program and still remember it by heart.

  6. That reminds me of my nephew. In T-Ball, he refused to hit anything other than singles. It was his theory that he had only so many doubles, triples, and home runs in him, and he planned to use them when they would count most. Men are always talking about women not being logical, but boys are the most illogical creatures on earth!

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