New Year’s purgings

New Year’s purgings:

1. I gave up needing to be further along in class than I am

because last Thursday was Rosh Hashananh and I had to take the day off. Then my uncle died Monday morning and I took Wednesday off as well to attend the funeral. Missing any school is always difficult for me because it takes more work to be absent (extra preparation, extra work to look at on return). Plus, it being so early in the year, there is extra effort that needs to be done in the consistent building of relationship with the kids. Being absent, especially for two consecutive days before we have solid connections, makes this work more complicated.

On Friday, when I returned, I purged my feelings of stress of being a bit behind in my curricular plans and hitting a small bump in the building and solidifying of relationships with my students. I was present and so were they.

2. I paid all our bills

and, yes, our bank account has been purged of most of its shekels.

3. I cleaned out my briefcase

basically because I needed room for the huge stack of allegories I got from the kids this week that I need to look over this weekend. I found I had been carrying around old tanzaku papers from IB’s party before he left for Japan, the new sticker for parking at the Botanic Gardens (which needs to be put on the car), the August 8 issue of the New Yorker Magazine, and a Williams-Sonoma catalogue (with a couple of tablecloths marked that I was intending to order) since the beginning of the school year.

4. I cleaned the studio space

in part because I lost my wedding ring and had an inkling it might be there. I lost it on the morning I was rumbling through the studio, packing up my materials for a big “show and tell” in class. I always present my personal self-portrait box along with a community one I made with high school students to my students as preparation for their own self-portrait boxes. (I will blog about this “Show and Tell” in the future.) Though I didn’t locate the ring there, I did find the packet of photo notecards I had made and which I had been looking for all over the house.

5. I had a colonoscopy

as a screening because I am over 60. Talk about purging! Actually the procedure itself was easy because I was under “Twilight”. It was the actual purging the night and early morning before that was difficult. The 64 ounces of salty, lemony, electrolyty liquid was horrible. The first 8 ounces were tolerable, but by 24 ounces had become increasingly a test of will power to drink. Ewww!

There are rewards to all of this– I have a more mellow attitude in class and remember that relationships can be flexible; our creditors will not be chasing us; I could fit all the allegories into my briefcase; the studio feels liberated and open; and I am clean and healthy colon-wise.

And while I was getting dressed to go to the gastroenterologist this morning, I grabbed a sweater out of the half-opened lowest drawer and out rolled my lost wedding ring– back from its second journey off my finger.

Ah, need I say more? This is going to be a terrific New Year.

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9 Responses to New Year’s purgings

  1. Glad you found your wedding ring.
    Shana Tova

  2. 1. Your being “present” and present was the best present.
    2. Shekels. Haven’t heard that word in ages.
    3. Thought for sure the “ring” was going to be in the briefcase.
    4. CANNOT imagine a clean studio space.
    5. Colonoscopy: Too much information. Or at least to many memories of my own.
    6. You should be a mystery writer … saving the ring for last and throwing it in nonchalantly.
    7. It IS going to be a good year. “At least not worse than last year:–)”

  3. Mrs. Chili says:

    YAY! Your wedding ring came back to you! I am disproportionately relieved by this news.

  4. So glad to hear you recovered your ring! Yes, it is going to be a terrific New Year!

  5. Jerome Bloom says:




  6. hideaheart says:

    Oh, I get the ‘purging’ comment waaaaaay too well! Great post. It’s time for us to downsize and move, and ‘purging’ is my new battle cry!
    I just discovered a song that may, in fact, become a new anthem for me. WANTING MEMORIES sung by Cantus, a male choir. The lyric took my heart aflight.

  7. beverlydiehl says:

    Congratulations on your ring recovery, your purging, and your clean colonoscopy. Yeah drinking that last little bit down is a real test of will. I still gag when I think about it.

    Sorry for the loss of your uncle.

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