The aesthetics of anal retention

Each teacher at our school has a small group of advisees for whom we are advocates. Each grade level has certain goals and issues to address with their advisees, one of which is to help 8th graders become more organized. When MH sent me this link yesterday, I thought what a perfect introduction to today’s advisory activity regarding organization. I was pumped.

Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss artist and comedian whose material is flaunting his OCD. Yes, he is an incredible neat freak, taking his obsessiveness to amazing heights. He has lifted the bar on structure and arrangement, cleanliness and order. He has created an aesthetics of anal retention.

Here is what he has done to his alphabet soup.

And to a pine branch.

And to people sunning near a pool.And to a parking lot.And yes, even to the stars.

In the following TED talk, his tidying up of a Jackson Pollack painting had me laughing out loud (at 12:19).

I should mention that after my sharing of this artist’s work with my advisees today, LG said, “So what does this have to do with me getting all my work in on time?”

Lucky for me, the rest of my advisees took it upon themselves to explain the connection to him…all at the same time.

(All photos copyrighted by Ursus Wehrli)

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8 Responses to The aesthetics of anal retention

  1. There is always one in each class. Perhaps you should neaten them…

  2. Amazing vision in this post. I am grateful to ThelmaZ for pointing me in your direction. xo Suzi

  3. Very different, but I did enjoy it. Unsure if I would have liked it so much, if it was a painting of mine he was “tidying up.”

  4. Mrs. Chili says:

    How much do I love this?

  5. This guy is hilarious. Thanks for giving me such a happy morning.

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