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Wisdom and poetic inspiration on the parkway

The city has finally replaced the tree that they removed on the parkway in front of our house (Final Requiem for the Silver Maple). We thought we we would be able to choose the tree we wanted but the city … Continue reading

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Memory Tape’s “Yes I know”

Eric Epstein’s evocative music video (director) for the group Memory Tape’s “Yes I know.” xxxxx We are far apart from everyone that we have lost now I just haven’t got the heart Don’t explain yourself ‘Cause no one else can … Continue reading

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When the spa just isn’t enough….

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“From Blossoms” by Li-Young Lee

From blossoms comes this brown paper bag of peaches we bought from the boy at the bend in the road where we turned toward signs painted Peaches. From laden boughs, from hands, from sweet fellowship in the bins, comes nectar at … Continue reading

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Inspired by Kiki

Kiki Smith is an artist whose work has always inspired me. Primarily known as a sculptor, she also works in many media including photography which was the focus of I Myself Have Seen It: Photography and Kiki Smith, an exhibition … Continue reading

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Lightning Buddha

The night we came back from Three Oaks, after coming back into the yard to enjoy the live music after dropping off our things in the house (see yesterday’s post), we noticed a huge branch laying across the fire pit … Continue reading

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I love my city. I love my neighborhood.

We spent the day with friends who have a summer home in Three Oaks, Michigan, absorbing the quiet and slow pace of a small town, eating food from the farmer’s market, engaging in easy conversation, and devouring amazing homemade ice … Continue reading

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And still more cucumbers!

JB makes the best Sunomo. Here he is madly preparing this amazing dish, trying to keep up with the bountiful harvest from our garden. (NB: No need to seed the cucumbers. Also this dish tastes best if it refrigerates over … Continue reading

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Integrity, equity, generosity of spirit

Though I still have a few weeks before school begins, I have already received a few emails from parents about book lists and desires for meetings regarding their children’s issues. And, of course, I have also heard from school concerning … Continue reading

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“Gate C22” by Ellen Bass

At gate C22 in the Portland airport a man in a broad-band leather hat kissed a woman arriving from Orange County. They kissed and kissed and kissed. Long after the other passengers clicked the handles of their carry-ons and wheeled … Continue reading

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