I have blogged about collections before. In one of my earliest posts I looked at the history of collections and connected it to the ones we have in our home. Later I blogged about MG and GM’s In the Table/ On the Wall Gallery showing and the subsequent opening of Michael’s Museum, an amazing and inspiring cultural attraction at the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. I have always been intrigued by collections and especially by collectors, whose eyes selectively, creatively, and uniquely observe the world. (Click on the link to “collections” under Categories on the right to find more…)

Tonight, after a long day of painting rooms and walls in the house, it was clear going out to dinner was the consensus. Off to Cozy Noodles, not only a feast for the stomach but a feast for the eyes.

The owner, Tee M., is an artist/ designer and a collector and every time we go, there are new additions to peruse on the walls. In fact, one has the uncanny feeling that those of us in the restaurant are indeed a kind of collection too and eating there is a sort of performance piece. But we get to leave; the lunchboxes and pez dispensers do not.

Even the bathrooms are not immune (see photo above).

Did I mention the food is awesome? Tonight we tried a new appetizer: Tofu Satay. The tofu was covered in some kind of curry seasoning and then broiled, ready for the delectable thai peanut dipping sauce. And my favorite, often ordered dish: Thai Basil Chicken loaded with garlic and hot peppers. (And the prices are reasonable too.)

The restaurant’s largest and most prominent deity is Ganesh. Need I say more?


(Cozy Noodle–1018 Davis Street; Evanston, IL 60201;  (847) 733-0101)

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