Beautiful tools

I have purchased a beautiful new garden tool. Well, for me it’s new, but historically it is quite ancient. It’s called a Kana hoe and is used for weeding. One just runs it across the surface of the earth or into it and the “volunteers” become quick compost for the intentional plants.

Beautiful tools make working in the garden an even greater pleasure than it already is.

Beautiful tools remind us that though the harvest can be rich and delicious, it is really all about the process.

Beautiful tools urge us to get the work done.

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2 Responses to Beautiful tools

  1. Jan, I always enjoy your posts. This sounds interesting. I have a new garden so I’ll look it up. Alas, we are now facing water rationing so I can’t water every day. I will be devastated if I lose my new plants.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:







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