Weekly Salon in a Saloon

Saturday we went to The Horseshoe on Lincoln Avenue to experience Paper Machete: A Live Magazine. We originally went to support a family friend, Emily Rose, who was performing, but I believe we’re hooked. Every Saturday at 3pm for free, singers, storytellers, comedians, actors share clever and imaginative short bits. It’s organized by the wacky and enthusiastic Chris Piatt. Refreshing, entertaining, provocative, and in Piatt’s words “weekly salon in a saloon”.

The writers and actors (Nancy Friedrich and Amy Speckien) did an excerpt from their show, Waiting for Drew Peterson, a play about the Bolingbrooke policeman who is accused of killing his third and fourth wives, a pretty hot story here in Chicago. Of his four wives, “two of whom,” they point out, “aren’t dead or missing.” They play twins, Pam and Sue, who are in love with Peterson and believe it is all a frame-up because he is so good-l00king. They use twisted and improbable logic as corroborative evidence for their feelings. Hysterically funny. The show is playing at the Annoyance Theater.

Emily Rose is expanding her repertoire by taking on first person narratives of the famous and infamous, even taking on the personna of the planet Pluto. This reach not only captures the intimacy of her earlier writing but also broadens the creative potential for her deft, humorous, poetic, well-observed, sensitive, and intelligent sensibilities. She did a piece in Amelia Earhardt’s voice (it was the 83rd anniversary of her trans-Atlantic flight in 1928), with appeals to Sally Ride, that was powerfully poignant and wistful. Her charisma on stage is captivating. Below is a piece she did a couple of weeks ago at the Green Mill based on a portrait of Irma May.

Faces for Radio, a women’s a cappella group, was bright with intricate harmonies and a clear musical sense of humor. I am always impressed by how people can maintain pitch without musical accompaniment and these eleven voices demonstrate the skill and musicality needed to pull this off.

Kate James who plays Henneman in the improv group Schadenfreude, shared her story about being in an April Fools video as a drunk Cubs fan on opening day in April that went viral. The video, below, pales with her story about what happened after, broadcast as real on shows on several sports and news websites, people recognizing her on public transportation and other venues. Even Fox news called WBEZ where it was posted on April Fools Day to find out if it were real. When told it wasn’t, they responded with, “Is there anything you can tell us that might make us think it’s real?” which technique is no surprise as to the reliability of most of FOX’s sources.

Paul Brittain of Saturday Night Live and Katie Rich did a very funny bit on relationships and privacy. There was music by Tawny Newsome, and much more.

A wonderful way to spend Saturday afternoons at 3pm at The Horseshoe 4115 N. Lincoln.

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