Seduced by prestidigitation

Simon Pierro is a german magician and performance artist. The following video of his magical exploration of iOS 5 is amusing and clever.

Once again I am reminded of J. Stuart Blackton over a century ago. (I have posted the following video before.) Magic is about the illusion of crossing the line between reality and fantasy, about that liquid and amorphous space between those two states. In the movie above and in the one below made 100 years ago, we are humorously baffled by the transition/ transference between the virtual/created and tangible worlds. Both these videos are utterly connected in their sensibilities, both using what is/was considered the high tech of the day.

At my son’s third birthday party over 20 years ago, I did a series of chalk talks that were based on these same illusions—-a drawn bagel turning into a real one, a drawn balloon becoming real, a drawn hat landing on the head of my son. The kids thought I was awesome.

We are all seduced by prestidigitation.

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3 Responses to Seduced by prestidigitation

  1. JEROME BLOOM says:












  2. Michael says:

    Your son’s friends thought you were awesome, you are awesome, but I want proof and a reenactment of your bagel, balloon, and hat tricks!

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