Salvage by Kay Ryan

The wreck
is a fact.
The worst
has happened.
The salvage trucks
back in and
the salvage men
begin to sort
and stack,
whistling as
they work.
Thanks be
to god—again—
for extractable elements
which are not
carriers of pain,
for this periodic
table at which
the self-taught
salvagers disassemble
the unthinkable
to the unthought.
Source: Poetry (April 2005).
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3 Responses to Salvage by Kay Ryan

  1. crzytown says:

    Very nice, Kay. I’m new to the site, also a writer. I’ll be checking in with you. Keep it up…

  2. Michael says:

    Powerful. Creates a visual presence without having to describe place. Allows the individual to create the experience based on their experience. This is what poetry is about according to: Jane Hirshfield in her Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry. Do you know more about Kay Ryan?

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