In case I’m not here tomorrow…

According to Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, the Rapture is going to happen tomorrow at 6pm (local time) with a rolling world-wide earthquake starting in Australia. Though he had predicted the same in 1994, he said he didn’t have all the numbers he needed then (which apparently he has now). The prediction/ prophesy goes on to say that the earth will be in physical turmoil and convulsions until its final destruction on October 21.

My son took the picture above of a local CTA bus and posted it on his Facebook page. A cousin from Oregon commented, “Does this mean that if selected, you leave the earth on a CTA bus? Brings new meaning to the concept of: you’re either on the bus or off the bus. And what’s the significance of the Checks Cashed sign behind the bus? Does one need the exact fare to get into heaven? Oh there are sooooo many questions to contemplate before May 21st.”

I don’t know about you but, just in case, I’m putting off the laundry and the pile of papers I have to grade until Sunday.


Watch the Simpsons awaken to the Rapture after falling asleep during a sermon in church.

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2 Responses to In case I’m not here tomorrow…

  1. Michael says:

    Who was that sitting on the bench with the red tie and coffee mug? Amazing how many people have been having fun with this but wouldn’t it be interesting if it really happened?

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