Nothing small about that…

Michael’s Museum is now a part of the rich cultural treasures of this city. Its openings on Friday (morning and evening) clearly reflected this. Like the best openings, the public was filled with expectation, curiosity, great eagerness. This energy was fed by the dynamic personality and focused vision of Michael Horvich, the collector and curator of this exhibit. His passion and spirit, his eye for the special and unique, his understanding of the greater dynamic created from the energy of many individual pieces have infused every aspect of his Museum.

The most amazing aspect of his Museum is how much this public space feels like his original museum in his home. The same intimacy and warmth is created and this, of course, was supported by the devoted staff at the Chicago Children’s Museum who supported Michael’s vision and worked with him to make it a reality.

Michael’s art is his creative ability to curate and organize. His gift for being able to see and discover, to sort and categorize the unusual and the familiar, sometimes seemingly disparate items, inspire all of us to observe the world around us more closely and carefully.

Michael’s Museum displays his many collections of miniatures, but its message is also about the collecting of stories and memorabilia from a lifetime of connections and experiences. In keeping with this sensitivity, his museum demonstrates a generosity of spirit with its many references to others who have donated and contributed items to Michael over the years and therefore ultimately donated those pieces to this exhibit.

There is real magic here. Real amazement and inspiration. This exhibit is about the spirited and energized dynamic out in the world that is only waiting to be discovered by the particular and unique vision of any one of us. Michael’s Museum is the training ground in making all of us feel fully capable of finding and creating our own personal magical discoveries. The experience of Michael’s Museum pushes us into the world to experience and discover, to make those experiences tangible and visual, and to share them with others.

Nothing small about that.

Michael’s Museum is located in the Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

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8 Responses to Nothing small about that…

  1. Rhi says:

    Oh it looks amazing! I want some of the little books. I would go if I had a passport…

  2. JEROME BLOOM says:


  3. Michael says:

    I am overwhelmed with the generosity of your comments, the insightfulness of your observations, the visual expertise you bring from your own wonderful art as it applies to enjoying the magic of life. Thank you.

  4. Michael says:

    P.S. Great photographs!

  5. Thanks to you and Michael for inspiring me to ‘see’ the uniqueness the collections of my daughter.

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