What happens when 8th graders are only a few weeks from graduation

We took a vocabulary test today. I think my students are ready for summer…

When we use the word caliber in reference to a person, what are we referring to?
How big they are around? Their waist size?

What is a convalescent home?
A home that is recovering from illness.

What does a truant officer do?
Go and hunt people ditching school. Like hookers.


They leave or desert the army.

Use the following in a sentence:
When a plant is alive again after a forest fire, this is the process of reverberation.

If the Assistant Principal at our school were a martinet, what might you expect if you were brought to his office for getting into trouble?
The death penalty.

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1 Response to What happens when 8th graders are only a few weeks from graduation

  1. Darci says:

    I attempt to engage 8th graders with English, so I feel your pain….but I am the mother of a senior who is 6 weeks out from graduating. I received a text from her English teacher, a friend, who let me know that my darling daughter responded on a comprehension quiz with all things gLee. She had not done the reading and thought she would have some fun. Go Seniors.

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