Yassa au Poulet

Passover starts tomorrow night and is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s a celebration, though intended to be religious, which is actually quite politically activist, a holiday which renews our commitment to bringing about freedom and justice for all peoples.

And the food is great. Though we embrace many of the traditions of this festival, the one dish we have made uniquely our own for this holiday is Yassa au Poulet, a West African chicken dish, originating in Senegal (Casamance region south of Dakar).  I first got this recipe from an old Time Life African cookbook from their Foods of the World series. In fact this cookbook and many others were given to me by TG and JW when they left to live in Madrid, Spain many years ago. (They also sold me their car for $50.)

Below is a photo of the chicken marinating, followed by a photo of the savory finished dish (minus the rice), and then a photo of the recipe. This is an incredible food experience but it does take a bit of preparation to make. Now our friends request that we make this dish whenever they come over for dinner. They have come to expect it on Passover.

I even think Fanny would have found Yassa au Poulet quite scrumptious and perfectly suited for the seder meal.

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4 Responses to Yassa au Poulet

  1. What beautiful handwriting on the recipe! Happy Passover! May you relish in the fact that God delivered your people.

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  3. JEROME BLOOM says:







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