Birthday Poem for JB

Liquids are a state of matter
xxxxx– quoted from, rearranged, and inspired by “Liquids,” Wikipedia

Liquids are a state of matter

Liquids readily flow.
Liquids assume the shape of a container.
Liquids will distribute applied pressure evenly to every surface in a sealed container.
Liquids may not always mix readily with other liquids.
Liquids will not always fill every space in a container.
Liquids will not compress significantly.
Liquids form their own surfaces.

Liquid particles are bound firmly, but not rigidly.
Liquid particles are able to move around one another freely, but do not separate, like xxxxxgases.
Liquid molecules, as their temperature rises, increase their vibrations, which causes the xxxxxdistances between the molecules to increase.
Liquids, as they reach their boiling point, break the cohesive forces that bind the xxxxxmolecules closely together and the liquid changes to a gaseous state.
Liquid molecules, as their temperature decreases, slow their vibrations, reducing the xxxxxdistance between them.
Liquid molecules at freezing point, will usually lock into a very specific order, xxxxxcrystallizing, and bonds become more rigid, changing the liquid into a solid state.

Liquids are a state that matters.

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