Shameless promotion

My son and a few of his friends have started a new magazine. It is called SOILED and is available online for free or you can have a copy bound and in your hands through Lulu. It is visually and intellectually provocative. The SOILED Team describes the magazine as:

a venue for dialogue and exploration, operating at the interstices of architecture,, urbanism, and the pedosphere. As a semiannual journal, it investigates the role that the built environment plays in social issues including urban agriculture, toxic remediation, radical infrastructure, and geophagia. SOILED curates ideas, from the arable to the obscene, by seeking the active participation of multi-disciplinary contributors. SOILED employs narratives, manifestoes, mappings, ephemera, and live events to mediate its architectural discourse to the broader public.

The theme for their first issue is Groundscrapers which:

…probes systems, populations, and infrastructures that occupy massive amounts of space in our existing cities, yet go unrecognized by typical urban dwellers. Rather than reaching vertically towards the sky, Groundscrapers seeks to reach horizontally across disciplines to cultivate meaningful moments along and within the pedosphere. Through conscious positioning of content, visual matter, sediment, and ephemera, Groundscrapers theorizes that the physicality of the printed page can transcend the bookshelf—that print media can orient itself with the surface of the earth, according to its geographical and architectural coordinates.

Support innovative and thoughtful, creative, cutting edge, and stimulating writing, thinking, and design by getting your hands on a copy.

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3 Responses to Shameless promotion

  1. JEROME BLOOM says:







  2. isaac says:

    Wow! Thank for the shameless promotion! You remain my #1 fan. And I, yours. Love you!

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