“Eggs”traordinary and mysterious

For the past five years we have discovered random stray eggs in our yard. Friends of ours have conjectured that this must be a joke someone is playing on us, but I don’t think so. It would be pretty tricky to get into our yard and put the eggs there. There is a locked garage to the west, a fence covered in raspberry brambles to the north, a five foot chain link fence to the south, and our house to the east. This strange egg appearance happens throughout the year. The picture above is from last August. Just yesterday, JB found three eggs in our yard.

One friend thought they might be duck eggs, but duck eggs are more oval. Ducks will build a nest as long as it’s a mile from the water, but ours are left, seemingly abandoned. They’re just left on the ground. No nest. And the eggs are always left around the same spot in the yard. These eggs are about the size of chicken eggs, but sometimes a little larger. There are no chickens around either, though about a dozen years ago we would hear (at all times of day) a rooster crowing from about a block away.

For a while I thought squirrels found them and brought them into the yard, but the squirrels eating them in the same spots seems a bit too strange. In the last picture below, there is a pile of rabbit poop nearby. We can assume that maybe the rabbits are eating the eggs. But how are the eggs getting into our yard in the first place??

OK all you ornithologists (or jokesters) out there. Let’s see if this cyberspace plea will really work. Any ideas/ theories? What’s up with this?

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5 Responses to “Eggs”traordinary and mysterious

  1. JEROME BLOOM says:



  2. Michael says:

    A confused Easter Bunny?

  3. An easter bunny carrying a nokia phone? Wow, I knew that pretty much everyone had phones these days, from pre-schoolers on up, but easter bunnies, too?

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