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Manhattan in Chicago

My sister turned me on to Manhattans. I never used to like them very much. I thought they were too sweet. I was a scotch drinker early on and yes, a smoker as well. After I quit smoking some 30 … Continue reading

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Where is Charlton Heston when you really need him?

Today I broke my 8th grade students into pairs and each pair examined a different Supreme Court case that had to do with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” … Continue reading

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El Greco and the Tension of Tangents

Domenikos Theotokopoulos (1541-1614), known as El Greco, was a man out of time. He learned to paint Byzantine icons in his home on Crete, studied with Titian and others in Italy, and made a successful art career for himself in … Continue reading

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Stuffed with Holishkes

Holishkes….mmmm. Definitely a memory of growing up. It was one of the two ethnic foods my mother ever made (the other being sweet and sour meatballs). She wanted to be American and so made everything from a can or a … Continue reading

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Legacy of Letters

This amazing Italian calligrapher, Luca Barcellona, started out as a graffiti artist. He says in his Flickr profile, “Scrivo per vivere. Vivo per scrivere” (I write to live. I live to write). Watching him create the poster for the Legacy … Continue reading

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“Dew Light”- — W.S. Merwin

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Symbiotic Human Voices

Yesterday, the American Boy Choir came to our school for a performance. They were magnificent, a small group of boys between the ages of 10 and 14 in perfect vocal symbiosis. They attend a 4th-8th grade boarding school in Princeton … Continue reading

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The Morning After…..

Some snippets from today’s conversation between 8th graders: “The republicans have responsibility now too. They can’t just act like they have no power. They’re the majority in the house so they are not off the hook. ” “Whether you are … Continue reading

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Physically voting

I was the first one at the polling place today. I heard the poll workers behind the door. “Where’s the extension cord.” ” There has to be a plug around here somewhere.” “No, the ballots with the blue stripe. Didn’t … Continue reading

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Get your “tuchus” off the couch

5 Reasons for Democrats to vote on Tuesday: 1. To continue to clean up the mess….The Democrats did not create the problems that we are experiencing now. Remember George Bush? Remember that just a few years ago, BEFORE Obama was … Continue reading

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