Legacy of Letters

This amazing Italian calligrapher, Luca Barcellona, started out as a graffiti artist. He says in his Flickr profile, “Scrivo per vivere. Vivo per scrivere” (I write to live. I live to write). Watching him create the poster for the Legacy of Letters Tour last June (using fraktur script), one is mesmerized by his gifts as an artist of letters (see video below). (At the end of the video you can click on his Wall of Light, a non-permanent graffiti performance piece he created in York UK in 2009.)

Being the daughter of a sign painter and often intently watching him artistically “scribe” when I was a young girl,  I  am drawn to work that lifts the visual of the written word to such an inspired and sophisticated level.

Barcellona’s calligraphy and Lettering Arts’ Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luca-beanone-barcellona

Thanks to blog.defgrip.net for the photo of Luca Barcellona at the start of this post. And many thanks as well to http://writingwithoutpaper.blogspot.com/ where I first learned of Luca Barcellona.

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