Comedy of Errors

We just saw Court Theater’s version of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors directed by Sean Graney. This is one of Shakespeare’s earliest, shortest, and most “slapsticky” plays. A perfectly bawdy, ribald, punny way to spend a Thursday evening rolicking in complicated mistaken identities and clever word play. Perhaps most remarkable about this adaptation is that there are only 6 actors who play many, many parts.  The fact that two actors play a pair of twins each is singularly impressive, and the hundreds of costume changes mark an impressive athleticism, choreography, and grace on the part of all the actors (and the backstage costume crew).

Bravo to all and to Shakespeare himself who still can hold, entertain, and enlighten an audience for over 500 years.

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2 Responses to Comedy of Errors

  1. isaac says:

    oooh! looks fantastic! wish I could have joined you. let me know the next time you are seeing a play, please. and preferably BEFORE. 🙂

  2. JEROME BLOOM says:


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