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I have an obsession. So does my husband. We collect things. As artists, objects are very important to us. They inspire us, push us beyond our creative boundaries, hold magic for us. Every journey we make, even the most mundane, … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as a false dawn

All summer my husband has been urging me to come to the lake with him to watch the sun rise. Since summer vacation for a teacher has a lot to do with sleeping late (like 7:30am), it was not at … Continue reading

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Morrocan Tomato Soup or Why I love Summer

Ah, the tomatoes are in. We can barely keep up. We give them to neighbors, family, even strangers who happen to be passing by. Even the rabbits can’t get to all of them. My main issue with the squirrels and … Continue reading

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The Glass Castle

This is a tough memoir. Jeannette Walls recounts her poverty-stricken childhood, always on the move with her intelligent but alcoholic father, narcissistic manic-depressive mother (who fancied herself an artist), and three other siblings. They are always doing the “skedaddle” when … Continue reading

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Emily’s Birthday at the Green Mill

There was a lot of high energy and celebration of the word last night in Chicago, at the Green Mill where the poetry slam has made its permanent home since 1986. The MC for the evening was Marc Smith who … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve dates

Every New Year’s Eve, since he was 11 or 12, my son would make a 5 or 6 course dinner for my husband and me. As he got older, this might also include a girlfriend as an assistant. He (and … Continue reading

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American Royalty: Longwood Gardens

In the United States we pride ourselves for being a democracy, for leaving the legacy of royalty and creating a populist method of governance. Then I went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and was reminded that our kings and queens … Continue reading

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American Visionary Art Museum

I am just back from a wonderful trip visiting family and friends in the Baltimore area. One of the highlights of the trip, aside from reconnecting with people I truly love, was a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum … Continue reading

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The The Impotence of Proofreading (no this is not a typo)

Taylor Mali, a former teacher in New York, now does poetry full-time. This clip should give all of us teachers (and anyone else serious about writing) a good laugh before we go back to work in a few weeks. Taylor’s … Continue reading

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Short Film: The Beatles 1000 Years Later

This is a terrific mockumentary of the Beatles 1000 years later, as well as a provocative commentary on truth and the “authenticity” of history.

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