Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is a Chinese performance artist presently represented by the Eli Klein Gallery in New York. His work, in part inspired by the closing of the artists village in north Beijing in 2005 to make room for building for the Olympics, prompted this camouflage series where humans are made invisible and erased from the landscape.  His work demonstrates how many people are “hidden” from society at large. Rollo Romig in his New Yorker blog ( quotes Liu as saying, “I am standing, but there is a silent protest, the protest against the environment for survival, the protest against the state. My work is a kind of reminder, to remind people what the community we live in really looks like.” My understanding is that these photographs are only one part of his performance, that in fact he stands in situ as pedestrians pass him by.

His work evokes a powerful mysterious yearning in me to find and discover his presence and bring him out into the open. His work evokes in me a powerful yearning to recognize and respond to the “invisible” inhabitants of our society.

Read more about him on the New Yorker blog of Rollo Romog–

and in the Daily Mail—

Lots more photos of his work on Eli Klein Fine Art website—

This youtube video shows some of his process.

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8 Responses to Liu Bolin

  1. Mrs. Chili says:

    THAT is incredibly powerful stuff! I see writing opportunities!! (… then again, I often see writing opportunities, so I suppose that’s not a big surprise…)

  2. Slow Panic says:

    Wow. I just love his work. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  3. I am probably an avid fan of Jan Yourist because: 1) She is good. 2) She is inventive. 3) She is one of a kind. 4) She is intense. 5) She doesn’t know how to settle for the ordinary. 6) I love her.

  4. isaac says:

    What more could I say that hasn’t already been said…


  5. JEROME BLOOM says:

    WWYDI ????????????????????




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  7. Again my eyes are opened to a new way of seeing (or not). I was a little taken aback by Jan wanting to out him. I felt more like I wanted to join him. Although, that probably has more to do with growing up with alcoholic parents than art.

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