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Left, right, center at Arlington

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Powerful closures

The students presented their creative projects for All Quiet on the Western Front today. There was the annual absurdly funny video of the book by a few of the boys, a collection of poems about the war from all the countries involved … Continue reading

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Anja Niedringhaus

Anja Niedringhaus, a Pullitzer prize photographer, was killed by an Afghan policeman in Afghanistan three days ago. The journalist Kathy Gannon, who accompanied her, was also shot and is in very serious condition. The two of them were covering the Afghan election. … Continue reading

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“Doubletake” by Seamus Heaney

Human beings suffer, They torture one another, They get hurt and get hard. No poem or play or song Can fully right a wrong Inflicted and endured. The innocent in gaols Beat on their bars together. A hunger-striker’s father Stands … Continue reading

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Dear General Shinseki

We have finished reading All Quiet on the Western Front and our last conversation in class about the book became a passionate discussion about how war seems to be such an absurd way of settling conflicts, especially in light of … Continue reading

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Two atom bombs were dropped on Japan 67 years ago, one on Hiroshima on August 6 and another on Nagasaki on August 9. They were dropped to end the war in the Pacific, which, in fact, did end with the … Continue reading

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40th anniversary of a photograph

This photograph, by Nick Ut, an Associated Press photographer, was taken 40 years ago as people were fleeing from Trang Bang village as napalm was being dropped on it from South Vietnamese planes. The girl in the picture is Kim … Continue reading

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An Iliad

Just got back from Court Theater’s production of An Iliad by Denis O’Hare and Lisa Peterson based on Homer’s The Iliad translated by Robert Fagles. The layering of this piece is incredibly powerful. Lisa Peterson, nationally renowned director, wanted to … Continue reading

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Hey, does this mean we can get out of Afghanistan now?

Today in class we talked about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. (My students were 3 or 4 when 9/11 occurred.) Some students were very excited by this turn of events. There were others who felt weird, I think “awkward” … Continue reading

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Would you rather be a garbage man or a mathematician?

We discussed Chapter 6 today of All Quiet on the Western Front, a vivid and disturbing chapter about the realities of war. A man biting his artery so he wouldn’t bleed to death; a soldier holding in his intestines; a … Continue reading

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