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Trampolines and chopping wood

In the midst of studying complex primary source documents of Reconstruction, experiencing incredibly frigid tempera- tures, and maneuvering our way through massive and very noisy  construction work being done at school, EK and MG provided the perfect distraction— trampolines and … Continue reading

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HITACHI, cause of the Civil War

We are setting the scene for Reconstruction by exploring the causes of the Civil War. I assigned pairs of students a single cause that they researched and presented to the class using powerpoint. The students took notes during each presentation … Continue reading

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Eighth graders annotate Fahrenheit 451

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Context, Explanation, Connection—trainwreck

OK, OK. Today was the worst, the really worst class ever. The morning class was great, but this afternoon. Phew. It was the same project. The same material but whoa. No engagement. Was it me? Was it all of us? … Continue reading

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From the mouths of babes

I get to school early. 6:30am. I leave from the north side of the city and need to travel all the way to Hyde Park, which is quite a trek. The reason for this early rising is that traffic is … Continue reading

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Diagramming the heart

In class today, we actually did some grammar. Another teacher in our school does diagramming of sentences and the kids were curious exactly what that was. I’m not a big fan of diagramming, which always seems to help the kids … Continue reading

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the right to an eternity

For the past 24 hours, with a short period of sleep inserted, I have worked like crazy to grade and get back my 37 page Constitution test to the students. It was a commitment I made to them to get … Continue reading

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The irony of Santa letters

Every year our middle school classes receive letters through the local paper that other students have written to Santa. These letters come from schools of need and in these letters the young students request specific presents. Their teachers usually attach … Continue reading

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A well-deserved adult beverage before sleep

Parent-teacher-student conferences are usually fruitful, especially because the students lead these themselves. They talk about their strengths and their challenges in each of their classes. They respond to the grades they have received and the narratives each teacher has written … Continue reading

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The rhythm method

I have two very kinesthetic students. They are also very charismatic so when they get to tapping or drumming or banging on their desks, it moves others to join in the percussive activity. I know these two students are actually … Continue reading

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