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Gregory leaning left

Gregory leaning left leaning over soft spoken in wheel chair not walking eyes droopy eyes closed eyes open eating chocolate eating more chocolate blood pressure high blood pressure high again hard time leaning back hard time straightening up we lean … Continue reading

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“A Story Can Change Your Life” by Peter Everwine

On the morning she became a young widow, my grandmother, startled by a sudden shadow, looked up from her work to see a hawk turn her prized rooster into a cloud of feathers. That same moment, halfway around the world … Continue reading

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“Fictional Characters” by Danusha Lameris

Do they ever want to escape? Climb out of the white pages and enter our world? Holden Caulfield slipping in the movie theater to catch the two o’clock Anna Karenina sitting in a diner, reading the paper as the waitress … Continue reading

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Mawlid and Rumi

Today is the day celebrated as the birth of Muhammad (born 1,444 years ago), a holiday known as Mawlid, observed on the 12th day of the third month of the Islamic calendar, Rabi al-awwal. Celebrations, often more like carnivals in … Continue reading

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“A Small Glass of Orange Juice” by Ron Padgett

A Small Glass of Orange Juice on a white tablecloth with light blue legs below in a hotel restaurant in a small town in Poland in 1936 is being contemplated by a man whose homburg is tilted at an angle … Continue reading

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“Las Cosas que Pudieron Ser” by Jorge Luis Borges

Las Cosas que Pudieron Ser Pienso en las cosas que pudieron ser y no fueron. El tratado de mitología sajona que Beda no escribió. La obra inconcebible que a Dante le fue dada acaso entrever, Ya corregido el último verso … Continue reading

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Melting winter

The bitter chill of winter is  balanced by the blooms of amaryllis. Every year they assertively bloom on our kitchen table reminding us that spring will indeed one day be here again. From Virgil’s Eclogues, we learn that the amaryllis … Continue reading

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At the Field Museum, in the Colombian World’s Fair exhibit, a sign speaks of the disappearance of the carrier pigeon. To commemorate its demise, I stare at a stuffed version of itself displayed in 1893. Yesterday I sat in a … Continue reading

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“Breakage” by Mary Oliver

I go down to the edge of the sea. How everything shines in the morning light! The cusp of the whelk, the broken cupboard of the clam, the opened, blue mussels, moon snails, pale pink and barnacle scarred— and nothing … Continue reading

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“Praise Them” by Li-Young Lee

The birds don’t alter space. They reveal it. The sky never fills with any leftover flying. They leave nothing to trace. It is our own astonishment collects in chill air. Be glad. They equal their due moment never begging, and … Continue reading

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