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History becoming liquid

David Turconi (1911-2005) was a film historian. In the late 60s, he came across the Josef Joye Collection in Switzerland of old films and found many of the nitrate films decomposing. He tried to get them reprinted on safety film … Continue reading

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Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen died today. He was an intrepid animator devoted to stop action. This is the tedious and painstaking technique of minutely moving parts of objects/models, taking a single frame, and then minutely moving them again, taking another single frame, … Continue reading

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Disney’s Taxi-Driver

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Michalek’s slow portraiture

David Michalek, a former commercial photographer, focuses on portraiture as inspiration for his art. The series, Portraits in Dramatic Time, feature actors in a dramatic sequence which lasts between 10 to 15 seconds. This 10 seconds is then slowed way … Continue reading

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Transporting and transforming

We just went to see Scorcese’s Hugo, based on Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret, an amazing graphic novel in its own right. This movie was a beautifully emotional and visually awesome paean to the magic of film, the poignancy … Continue reading

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Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer- a Czech filmmaker, puppeteer, and artist born in 1934- is one of my favorite animators. He has refined and mastered, with obsessive attention to detail, the stop action film technique. Below are three of his short films from … Continue reading

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It is in doing what one wants to do, that one becomes who one wants to be.

In short films today, a student shared the following video by Remi Gaillard, french performance artist. He is famous for playing pranks on real people in real places with his accomplice capturing the responses on a hidden camera. Gaillard’s motto … Continue reading

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William Kentridge- Automatic Writing

Animated, smudged, and morphing language, visuals, words, imagination, motion, reverie, images, poetry… Kentridge is a remarkable animator, artist, playwright from South Africa. I’m so grateful a friend of mine reminded me of his work and sent me this link.

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Lillian Gish and Lady Gaga

We’re halfway through watching D.W. Griffith’s 1915 Birth of a Nation. Not an easy movie to watch—filled with racism and revisionist history. We have been immersed in the intricacies of Reconstruction and it seemed a perfect way to discuss how the … Continue reading

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