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Jade Buddha

In celebration of our son’s birthday, we went out to breakfast yesterday. He lives just a block away from the Truc Lam Buddhist Temple in Chicago.  In an incredibly vibrant, colorful, and high energy carnival atmosphere, we discovered that a … Continue reading

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Reopening the back porch

The reopening of the back porch is our yearly ritual. It’s when the weather gets a bit warmer and we are able to sit out on it without freezing to death. Over the winter months, the back porch becomes a … Continue reading

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An enso is a Japanese term for circle and is part of a zen aesthetic of spiritual mindfulness and enlightenment. An enso represents the entire universe in a single stroke, done with complete mindfulness in the present moment. The fresh, … Continue reading

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I transform and am transformed

I am not superstitious. But everyday I carry this sacred bundle in a pocket or pouch. On the outside is a small Avalokiteshvara, the Boddhisattva of Compassion, who has a thousand hands. (Actually he has only 12 here, but they … Continue reading

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Physically voting

I was the first one at the polling place today. I heard the poll workers behind the door. “Where’s the extension cord.” ” There has to be a plug around here somewhere.” “No, the ballots with the blue stripe. Didn’t … Continue reading

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Shofar blows

Rosh Hashanah…the New Year, the birth of the world, a joyous celebration. On Tuesday, members of my congregation received the following email from our rabbi: [We] have just received the very upsetting news that members of Westboro Baptist Church will … Continue reading

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Maria esta aqui!

Some summers ago, I had begun work at a new charter school located next door to a large Catholic Church, a rectory, and a convent. All summer a huge dumpster squatted in the parking lot, collecting the debris of my … Continue reading

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Necklaces, Part I

I wear specific necklaces everyday. They are my uniform. I have worn one of them for close to 30 years. Occasionally a new necklace or embellishment will appear as they are given as important gifts from friends. The piece I … Continue reading

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