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Nature’s reciprocal gaze

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The energy of the morning glory

Most everything is planted in the garden and now the battle is on — the battle to keep morning glories from strangling everything that’s growing. Yes, the morning glory flowers are lovely, their colors vibrant, the unswirling of their buds stunning, but … Continue reading

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Don’t it always seem to go…

It is not new news that Monarch butterflies are threatened because of the loss of milkweeds, where Monarchs lay their eggs, and the leaves of which are the only food their larva will eat. Milkweeds have been removed through herbicides and … Continue reading

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Garden reciprocity

  To the left is the list so far of what we have added to the back garden this summer. We’re not quite finished yet, but have accomplished a lot these last two weekends. Tending to this garden is a … Continue reading

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Hypnotizing sounds of the katydids

Against the garage, attached to a stem of the clematis, we discovered these carefully placed insect eggs, so carefully placed, in fact, that they seem to be woven or braided. With some googling we were able to figure out that they … Continue reading

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Last night’s humble dinner, just the preamble.

We have a wonderful back porch that is not heated. This means that sometime, late in the fall, the weather gets a bit too cold and we abandon the porch until the following spring when temperatures get warm enough. From … Continue reading

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Alright. If the daffodils can push through….

…then so can I.

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