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Last night’s humble dinner, just the preamble.

We have a wonderful back porch that is not heated. This means that sometime, late in the fall, the weather gets a bit too cold and we abandon the porch until the following spring when temperatures get warm enough. From … Continue reading

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Alright. If the daffodils can push through….

…then so can I.

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Winter at the Botanic Garden

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Saturday in Vermont

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Fall from the Garden

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Requiem for a squirrel

The front garden was a mess. One of the peonies I had replanted was dug up, the carefully curving path of pea gravel distorted with lots of dirt and debris, and a dead squirrel pushed under a log. It looked … Continue reading

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Acing our first serve

The other night, JB and I were munching on some fruit on the back porch when we saw a raccoon stretching himself on one of our compost containers in the backyard. When we stood to get a better view, we … Continue reading

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Not a cloud in the sky…


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Asparagus, Snake, and Yardlong

One of the biggest surprises of our garden this year has been our asparagus beans, aka snake beans aka yardlong beans. The Vigna unguiculata sesquipedalis are quite sweet and delicious and as their nicknames infer, quite long. The first time we ate them … Continue reading

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