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Do I still get a prize?

Last night I was looking for a phone book of friends’ names so I could make sure to invite them all to our celebration for IB’s journey to Japan when, lo and behold, beneath a desk where we keep such … Continue reading

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Table 7

…directed by Marko Slavnic, a fresh and provocative talent, originally from Sarajevo.

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Could you describe what a transitive verb is?

My son applied to the JET Program this winter and much to his surprise he was accepted. He actually had an excellent interview, lots of laughs and conversation well past the time allotted for it. But at the end he … Continue reading

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Getting our hands dirty

Grades and narratives are done (alright there are two more I need to review before I submit them, but basically I am through). I can now focus on the garden which is sorely in need of some attention. We planted … Continue reading

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6am to 9am at the Botanic Garden

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The other evening we went to see Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. It is a documentary on the recently discovered (1994) Chauvet cave where hundreds of drawings were found. It was discovered by a group of people who work … Continue reading

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No better harmony than that

Last night we were at a friend’s house listening to a concert of Max ZT and House of Waters. Max is their son who plays hammered dulcimer, pushing it beyond folk tradition into a more global fusion, especially after the … Continue reading

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The Things by Donald Hall

When I walk in my house I see pictures, bought long ago, framed and hanging — de Kooning, Arp, Laurencin, Henry Moore — that I’ve cherished and stared at for years, yet my eyes keep returning to the masters of … Continue reading

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Storm’s a comin’

Ah, peonies. They are absolutely beautiful, in fact visually complicated, and smell heavenly. Yet they are so short-lived. The fragile blossoms are heavy and if there is a storm once they have opened, the flowers rarely survive. In the front … Continue reading

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All thumbs for contract resolution

I could have left work early today, but I wanted to stay until the vote was counted for the ratification of our contract. Not that I was physically needed to do so, but it was a way for me to … Continue reading

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